"We want to be an idol group that lasts a long time by doing our individual activities, living our own lives, but are able to come together and do music whenever our feelings match up." - Jr.

got7 sideblog~ noona fan [ ; ]

jinyoung + martial arts tricking

jackson takes care of jinyoung (✿ ♥‿♥)

wangheo (aka actual puppies) moments [1/?]

jackson’s signiture greeting

익명 회원: Sorry if you get asked this a lot, but where can I watch Roommate subbed?

Nah, it’s okay ^^ You can watch it on gooddrama or kshowonline, but ep4 has not been sub yet :3 it should be out by tomorrow :D

[edit] also dramafever (but their video are not available in some countries though) / thank you kokafor934 ^^

Jackson giving Gukjoo’s bed a makeover + dressing up her doll in his jersey


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