"We want to be an idol group that lasts a long time by doing our individual activities, living our own lives, but are able to come together and do music whenever our feelings match up." - Jr.

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they make everything brighter

Synnara Awards: Best New Singer of 2014

GOT7 is currently on the second round and there are two more rounds. You need an account here to vote!

- Register (Sign-up as overseas resident then click 확인 to proceed to the next page, everything has English trans so it’s easy. Make sure to fill up all the blanks of the personal information)

- Vote (Go to voting page then log-in, you will see it on the upper left part of the page. First box is username, second is password then click 로그인 to log-in. Click on GOT7, then you need to choose on the other 3 set to be able to vote. After that, click 참여하기 to cast your vote!)


익명 회원: how do you download naver videos? to make gifs?

hello~ i only record the video though my laptop screen. I use bandicam :D

markjin ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ (x)

maknae’s english and jackson’s reaction

nom nom nom~

don’t mess with the maknae

jinson strikes again