"We want to be an idol group that lasts a long time by doing our individual activities, living our own lives, but are able to come together and do music whenever our feelings match up." - Jr.

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let’s kick my multi-fandom mostly got7 blog off with a giveaway.

i present to a set of got7’s 1st official goods, ‘pure’.


  • lightstick
  • button set
  • sticker set
  • poster set
  • l-holder set
  • fan
  • photocard set
  • come & get it t-shirt


  • must be following me.
  • reblog as much as you want.
  • likes count.
  • giveaway blogs do not count.
  • leave your ask box open at all times.
  • do not remove the caption.
  • i ship worldwide, i pay for the shipping fees.
  • random.org will be used to pick the winners, and they will be messaged if they do not answer in 24 hours, a new winner will be picked.

giveaway ends october 18th, 2014. good luck.


MarkJinSon trolls ft.babyjae

REAL GOT7 S2E07: Jackson being a total cutie (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

got7- GO CRAZY

Hi fellow people out there~ It takes me about eight months (since I started this blog) to decide to make my first follow forever and I finally did it! Firstly, I have to apologize to you guys that I haven’t been active lately but it’s all because of school and stuffs (not gonna talk about me being a lazy ass). I will try my best to be more active from now so that you guys won’t feel that you follow me for nothing. By the way, it surprises me that most of you are still following me. I don’t know how to thank you enough as well as new followers who came from nowhere, THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU REALLY MADE MY DAYS! The last but not the least, for those beautifully talented people I follow, thank you very much for making my dash fantastic! Without you, my dash, as well as blog, will not be this wonderful! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN AND I WILL LOVE ALL OF YOU TILL THE END OF THE WORLD!

I’m not following that many people for this blog but every single of them is just too perfect to be real!

Italic - you guys are so cool! teach me how!!
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ps. I’m so sorry for my poor english and the lame gif above it just shows that I want to hug you guys like that /blush

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KIM YUGYEOM PLEASE!!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻